Enhancing Sports Performance

We all know that physiotherapy can help to fix injuries and stop them from coming back again but many people do not realise that physio can also help to improve sports performance. At Injury Shetland we have developed a programme to help sports people and sports teams improve. By carefully assessing and improving individual physical components, discussing training programmes and considering the physical demands of your sport, we can help to maximise your potential. We believe if you improve all of the components and make them work in harmony then the end product will be better.

To let people know what we can do, we would like to work with five sports people or athletes and one sports team more closely. This introductory programme is free and the right people will be chosen after an application process.

If you want to find out more then check out the information sheets and initial application form. Once we have drawn up a shortlist then we will contact you to discuss it further.

We are excited to help sports people in Shetland to become better.