What can Injury Shetland do for you as a sports person?

At Injury Shetland we have a four tiered approach to sports injuries:

Phase 1) Accurate diagnosis

An hour long initial assessment can help us to determine why your injury happened and how we can get you back to sport as quickly as possible. We want to tell if you can still train and what your chances are for competing or returning to sport and when that can happen.

Phase 2) Injury rehabilitation and a progressive return to sport

At Injury Shetland we are both therapists and sports people. We want to get you back playing sport as soon as it is safe to do so. We will work with you to create a treatment plan to either keep you training or playing if possible or if not then to get you back as quickly as possible.

Phase 3) Helping to achieve balance in your body to make you better at your sport

Imbalances in your body is often part of what brought you to see us in the first place. If we just fix that injury and get you back to sport then we have done half of our job as therapists. Our aim once we have fixed the problem is to help you achieve better balance in the body to make you better at the sport you play. This will also help to reduce the risk of a similar injury in the future. We can work with you to assess the biomechanical demands of your sport and then combine that with your imbalances to create a long term strategy for improvement. We see plenty of people who go through this process and then in the months following treatment they start achieving PBs. We love to help in that process.

This phase of treatment can help you to:

  • Feel more confident in your sport
  • Run faster
  • Jump higher
  • Lift more
  • Throw further
  • Improve elastic energy
  • Improve efficiency and endurance
  • Ultimately, this might help you to achieve the PB you've been chasing or win that competition that is coming up soon.

Phase 4) Long term injury prevention so you never have to see us again.

Once your injury is better and once we are both happy that you are less at risk of the same problem happening again then we make sure you know how to prevent the injury in the longer term. This might be further strengthening, a change in how you do your sport or a long term stretching programme.

Other sports services that may help:

Enhanced Sports Performance

We all know that physiotherapy can help to fix injuries and stop them from coming back again but many people do not realise that physio can also help to improve sports performance. At Injury Shetland we have developed a programme to help sports people and sports teams improve. By carefully assessing and improving individual physical components, discussing training programmes and considering the physical demands of your sport, we can help to maximise your potential. We believe if you improve all of the components and make them work in harmony then the end product will be better.

We have previously worked with some of Shetland's best athletes and sports teams to help reduce injuries and improve performance. If you or your sports team want to become better at your sport and reduce the risk of injuries then please get in touch and we can have a chat about how we can best meet your needs.

Injury Shetland Sports Team Day

An Injury Shetland sports team day is tailored to the needs of your team. We will compile presentations to help you learn about the injury risks in your sport and how to avoid them. Sound research will be combined with experience to help give you something to reduce injuries in your team. This can offer a different viewpoint on your sport and might get you thinking in a different way. This day is structured to suit your team and in the past a talk about injury risk factors in specific sports has been combined with either exercise advice or a second talk about mental preparation for sport. We provide morning tea and have plenty of time for questions and answers.

This is a great way for your team to bond in a different environment and get you all working on the common goal of staying fit, healthy and not getting injured.

Team day prices depends on both the structure and also the number of participants. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss a team day for your group.

Runner's MOT

Are you a runner or do you play a sport that requires you to run? A Runner's MOT at Injury Shetland can help to identify risk factors for injuries any how to prevent them. We use a series of 15 biomechanical tests to determine which areas of your body could do with improvement. Some areas can be too tight, too weak or not moving efficiently. These things can cause injuries. Our series of tests are specifically designed for runners. Once we have given you a score for all tests, we can then create a plan of how to improve your scores and therefore improve your efficiency in your sport. The aim would be to do these tests fairly regularly - perhaps every six months - so that we can assess progress over a period of time.

We have found in the past that achieving better efficiency and balance in your body can help people to get PBs and be less at risk of injuries. If you are serious about running or your sport then this can help you to achieve more than you though.

Biomechanical running analysis

The biomechanical running analysis session combines the Runner's MOT with video analysis of your running technique on a treadmill. We use a high definition video camera recording at 120 frames per second to get maximum data for analysis. The biomechanical tests are then combined with your running technique to create a plan of how to improve technique and running efficiency. We will give you a comprehensive report and also video analysis of your running technique. The report will give you tips on running technique and we will give you new exercises and techniques to correct any inefficiencies.

If you would like to find out more about any of our sports services, please contact us on 01595 692727 or admin@injuryshetland.co.uk