The Injury Shetland story: the first 5 years

June 24th 2016 |

Injury Shetland has grown bigger and faster than we ever thought possible. While Ross and Bronwyn recognised the need for a clinic that had more than one kind of therapist, they never imagined the need was so big. To celebrate our fifth birthday at Injury Shetland, we will have various offers and we want to say a huge thank-you to everyone who has been involved along the way; to the people who advised us in business, to the businesses that have supported us, to the friends and family who have supported us but most of all to the patients who chose to come to Injury Shetland. Without you, it would not be possible. While it is never good to see people injured or in pain that stops them from doing something, it is also great to be able to help them get back to the things they enjoy doing. So this short story will tell you where it all began and what we’ve been up to in the last five years.

When Ross and Bronwyn came back to Shetland on holiday from New Zealand in 2010 and a friend mentioned that she was having some pain through a running related injury. They recognised that a clinic with different therapies – which is very common in New Zealand – could also work in Shetland. At the time, there weren’t really any clinics in Shetland that offered more than one type of therapy. Ross and Bronwyn decided they would like to move back to Shetland to bring up their children. So they started compiling a business plan for Injury Solutions and read lots of books about how to run a business. Injury Solutions quickly changed to Injury Shetland and so it all began.

Injury Shetland initially operated from Shetland Chiropractic in the Toll Clock Shopping Centre. Ross worked as a sole trader and Bronwyn made sure all of the business side was taken care of. Business built up much more quickly than they thought it would and Ross and Bronwyn recognised that the business was too big for just one therapist.

The rapid growth continued and after less than two years Injury Shetland had to hire some staff to help out. To achieve that, we had to move into a bigger clinic. Injury Shetland moved to our stunning clinic at 5 North Ness in July 2013. Ross started working lots more hours and we hired massage therapist Gemma Graham. Bruce Mcculloch – who runs Podiatry Shetland – also moved into the clinic and we have been co-treating with some patients ever since. As we now had a lovely big clinic we were able to persuade Hanne Irvine (now Moore) to move all of her classes to Injury Shetland. We started off with a much reduced class timetable to what we have now. Hanne then left to move to Trinidad but luckily for Injury Shetland, her husband was offered a job back in Shetland so Hanne came back to Injury Shetland to continue what she had started (thank goodness). After less than a year, there were again so many patients that we had to hire another physiotherapist. We were very fortunate that local lass Alison Laurenson applied and she has been a great asset to us ever since.

After around two years since starting in business, we had surpassed our expectations of how many staff we would require. We have regularly thought ‘that must be it now’, and we have regularly been surprised to find that we need to hire more staff again. As Alison and Ross were snowed under trying to cope with the number of patients (and also the paperwork that goes with them) we advertised for another physiotherapist. A friend mentioned that their sister in law was moving to Shetland and that she was an osteopath. We met with Emma Jamieson and were delighted to bring such a highly experienced therapist on board at Injury Shetland. To our surprise – and after regularly thinking that we would be able to cope better with demand – our diaries were still full and we still had a waiting list. Gemma had left a while before that and we really needed to hire a massage therapist again. Andrea Jeromson had recently finished studying to a high level and came on board to be part of the team.Every team of therapists needs a good team behind them. Bronwyn was working full time as practice manager but as that became more than enough work for one person. Allie Elphinstone joined the team for a short time and then we hired Maria Farquhar to be a smiling face at the front of house. And so we think the Injury Shetland family is complete but who knows what will happen in the future.

We now offer over 25 classes every week, we have two full time physiotherapists, a near full time osteopath, a near full time class instructor, a part time massage therapist, a practice manager and a clinical administrative assistant. We are amazed that it just keeps on getting bigger and it is great to keep moving with the times. We still have a lot of ideas for the future to bring more services with the aim of fixing people’s injuries and making sure they (the injuries that is) do not come back in the future.

Thank you all so much folks. Here’s to the next five years.

The Team at Injury Shetland