Osteopathy for Mum and Baby

December 11th 2015

Osteopathic treatment can help the body adapt to the changes that occur during pregnancy as your baby grows. It’s not unusual to experience back or pelvic pain at some point during your pregnancy or shortly after.

Common symptoms include:

  • Neck and shoulder pain often with headaches.
  • Discomfort around the ribs and mid back which can lead to breathlessness, difficulty in deep
  • breathing and indigestion symptoms.
  • General muscle aches in the back and legs.
  • Pelvic Pain or discomfort either in the joint at the front of your pelvis (SPD – Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction) or in the Sacro-Iliac region leading to low back pain. Sciatica and leg pain associated with back pain.

Many commonly used medications for these symptoms are often not recommended during pregnancy or for the breast feeding mother. Osteopathy offers an alternative and holistic approach to help you deal with these common problems.

Every patient’s problems are unique and your treatment will be specific to your symptoms. It’s natural to worry about what might be causing your symptoms but usually it is nothing too serious.

Your osteopath will discuss any concerns you have as part of your examination and will advise you on any further action that might be required.

Some new mothers like to return for follow-up osteopathic treatment after being discharged by their obstetrician or midwife and often like to have their babies assessed if the labour was particularly slow or fast, if they experienced a complicated delivery requiring the use of forceps or suction or if they had a Cesarean section.

Saying ‘hello’ to the wide world is no small feat and labour can be an incredibly stressful experience for your newborn. The journey into the world can find your baby in kinds of odd positions and because their heads are soft and slightly malleable this can cause a build-up of pressure potentially causing pain.

This pressure can be relieved post-birth with the healing effects of osteopathy, which can be a great non-invasive solution.

Cranial osteopathy uses gentle head holds and movements to manipulate your baby’s body encouraging it to function correctly. The process helps relieve tension and stress in your baby’s head and body that may’ve been caused during labour.

Here are some tips that may help

  • Take particular care when lifting or carrying. This is especially important if you’re already a mother – try not to carry a small child on one hip for any length of time and try to keep alternating sides.
  • If standing for any length of time, vary your position frequently. Avoid sitting for prolonged periods if possible, and try getting up and moving around.
  • When sitting, adopt a posture that supports your back, thighs and feet. Use a cushion for support, and avoid crossing your legs.
  • When lying on your side, you may find a pillow under your bump and another between your knees offers support.
  • Your baby might have symptoms that can be helped by osteopathy

If you are pregnant and have some pain that you think needs to be checked out, if you have a baby who you want to have checked or if want some general advice, then call us on 01595 692727 or email on admin@injuryshetland.co.uk

Emma Jamieson