Let's Get Shetland Moving

April 7th 2019 |

Here's a post i wrote recently for local magazine Shetland Life. There are more of the same type of thing to come in the magazine over the next few months. You'll learn some different exercises and tips to keep you healthy, happy and not injured. Shetland Life has lots of good articles, ideas and pictures. It's great to be part of it.

Let’s Get Shetland Moving

We all know that movement is generally good for us and we all enjoy moving in different ways. Some of us like cycling or high-level sport, others like less strenuous movement such as walking or knitting.

We often see people in the clinic who have been doing too much of one kind of movement and not enough of any other kind. Repetitive movements – for example when you only do one type of exercise and you repeat that every single day – often causes a build-up of stiffness in some muscles which can make other muscles weak. This usually leads to injury and pain.

In Shetland, we all tend to move a bit less in winter. It is no surprise that people tend to get injured when they start to get fit again after the season of excess. People try to run every day, do a 90 day squat challenge, lift weights every day or so something else that repeats the same movement over and over again. I would like to see more people in Shetland moving in more general, natural ways.

In modern western society (something my clients hear me say quite a lot I expect), we tend to sit still and not move then do a high level activity such as the gym or sport. Then we go back to sitting again for long periods. General movement spread throughout the day is arguably much more healthy. I posted on instagram recently that we should all try to move more like a child. They move all of the time in many different ways. If we were to put a fitbit on a toddler it would be much different to an adult. In the oncoming months I plan to share different ways for you to move and to give you all a challenge to get Shetland moving more. It would be good to get people talking about this and posting different ways they choose to move. That could be bouncing on a space hopper, walking up a hill, jumping in puddles, climbing trees, walking over stones around the banks or playing twister at home. Think of as many ways to get moving as you can and I'll post some different suggestions on natural movement soon as well.

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Ross Smith