Healthy, Happy and Not Injured: The Injury Shetland Blog

November 2nd 2016 |

Healthy, Happy and Not Injured.

The Injury Shetland Guide to avoiding injuries so that you can keep doing whatever it is that makes you healthy and happy.

At Injury Shetland, we want to stop people from getting injured. Why? You might ask. ‘Wouldn’t that be like a tyre shop telling people not to drive their cars to stop their tyres getting worn down’? Isn’t it a case that injured people who need to be fixed fuel businesses like Injury Shetland? Let’s think of it in a different way. If we could get people to come in for appointments like our MOT (physiotherapy services for sport including the MOT) or Pilates, which can help you to learn how to use your body better, then our appointment diaries would be equally busy. However, the difference is that each individual person coming into our clinic would have to spend less time and money. Fixing injuries takes much more money and time that preventing them.

So, to help you avoid injuries, I will be giving you some free information. The ‘Healthy, Happy and Not Injured’ blog will start as a short series of articles, audio clips or videos with opinions and thoughts about specific things related to injuries and injury prevention. My aim is to change the perception of the people in Shetland and get them thinking differently about injuries. Who knows where the blog will end up? I plan to add more research on specific topics, maybe I’ll have links to interviews or other interesting stuff online, I might get other people’s opinions and open up discussion on different topics. If you have any suggestions on things you would like me to discuss, please let me know.

It is important to point out that at the start of designing this the blog I had to find out what a blog actually is. The Injury Shetland ‘Healthy, Happy and Not Injured' blog can move in the ways you all want it to move in. It would be good to make this as interactive as possible; to stimulate discussion, to hear your thoughts on a subject and to find out your opinions and experiences to help other people. This is going to get interesting!

Ross Smith