Massage Therapy

Massage therapy has been used for hundreds of years in varying capacities. Its effects are powerful and often truly enjoyed by many people. Massage therapy can help to relieve pain and restore function and movement, it helps to improve overall wellbeing and can give you that 'feel good' factor.

Massage therapy can also help to:

· Decrease pain

· De-stress and relax

· Decrease low back pain

· Release tight muscles

· Improve flexibility

· Improve sports performance

· Reduce the risk of injury

· Improve blood flow

· Improve sleep patterns

· Decrease next day soreness after playing sport

Massage Therapy at Injury Shetland

Every person likes to be massaged in a different way so at Injury Shetland we offer two different types of massage; Relax and Release.


Our Relax massage will use lighter touch to release tight muscles and help you to relax and unwind.The Relax massage can be good for anybody to offset the demands of modern daily life. A light, relaxing massage might suit office workers who want to release tight muscles but also need to get away from the desk for a while to de-stress and forget about work.


The Release massage will usually focus on deeper techniques to release tight muscles or fascia (the sheath that binds all the muscles together).This can help to fix an injury or prevent one from happening in the future. Sports people often benefit from a deeper massage as the demands of their sport increase muscle tension. Our therapists are trained to apply only the required amount of pressure. Massage shouldn’t always be really painful despite what some people think. Depending on what they want to work on, your therapist may need to push a little harder or softer. However, if this is too painful please tell your massage therapist as the body may respond by tightening the muscles around the area which can reduce the effectiveness of the massage. So if you prefer a deeper massage - whether you play sport or not - a Release massage may suit you better.

Your first massage at Injury Shetland will usually be with either a physiotherapist or an osteopath.This will allow them to assess whether there are additional factors that need to be looked at. After your first session you will be able to book in with our massage therapist. Massages last for 45 minutes.

What to Expect

The most important thing to make sure a massage is effective is to make sure you are comfortable and relaxed. On your initial appointment you will be asked some questions about the presenting problem. Your therapist will make sure that you are safe to be treated and find the best way to make sure massage therapy will be effective. Once you have worked with your therapist to determine the best way to treat, they will ask you to remove any items of clothing required. Don’t worry though, we have shorts and vest tops in the clinic that you can use if you like and we can use towels to make sure you are covered up and kept warm. You will never be made to feel uncomfortable and if you prefer, there are some areas of the body where we can work through clothing as well. Your therapist will step out of the room to allow you time to get changed. The therapist will set up the room to make you as comfortable as possible.

Once you are comfortable and relaxed, your therapist will explain what they plan to do. They will use a range of massage techniques. If you find any of these uncomfortable you need to tell your therapist as they may need to change their technique a little. Your massage therapist may use wax or oil depending on techniques selected and if you have any preferences or allergies.

Once your massage session is finished, you will have time change again and ask any questions. Your therapist will discuss any further bookings required to fix the problem and stop it from coming back again. Following a massage, some people feel a little bit funny. Please tell your therapist if you do. Drink plenty of water following your massage session and make sure you do not over exert for the rest of the day.

Meet our Massage Therapist

Andrea Jeromson

Local registrar Andrea Jeromson recognised the benefits of massage therapy after suffering from various aches, pains and injuries in the past. Due to her response to massage therapy she decided that she needed to know more. Andrea decided to regularly travel to Aberdeen to achieve her Swedish massage and Remedial and Sports Massage qualifications at the highly regarded Scottish School of Massage.

Andrea has always been involved in sport and played competitive netball and hockey to Shetland Intercounty level. Since giving up those sports she has become more involved in local running groups and is a keen runner herself.

Andrea really enjoys the problem solving nature of massage therapy. She likes to work out what is causing the problem to offer a longer term solution rather than just treating the symptom. Among the many benefits of massage therapy, Andrea has experienced personal benefits including decreased pain, injury prevention and better posture.

Andrea is a member of the Scottish Massage Therapists Organisation (SMTO).

Further Information

Scottish Massage Therapists Organisation (SMTO)

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