At Injury Shetland, we have the right team to decrease pain, fix your injury and stop it from coming back in the future.

We believe that pain is a symptom of something not working properly in your body. Our job is to identify what’s not working, get rid of the pain and fix the underlying problem that caused it.

While many different treatments and therapies can help a person feel better, we believe that getting rid of pain is only half way to fixing the problem. Our team has grown to include two physiotherapists, an osteopath, a Pilates instructor, a massage therapist and a dedicated management and support team. We all meet regularly to grow as a team. The aim: to give each patient the best possible opportunity to get better. If a patient is not responding as quickly as expected, we can send them through to one of our other therapists who might have a slightly different approach.

Injury Shetland was created in 2011. Physiotherapist, Ross Smith and his wife Bronwyn recognised the need for an approach to injuries that involves more than one type of therapist. All of the different therapies can work really well together to offer a common goal; fix injuries and stop them coming back again.

At Injury Shetland we understand how frustrating it is to be out of action from work or sport, or struggling with pain from an injury. So whether it’s your neck that’s giving you grief, a sports injury or an aching limb, there are things we can do to help. We offer a friendly and professional service that focuses on meeting your needs as quickly and efficiently as possible. For some of you, that will mean simply being able to sit at your desk without pain and for others it will be an improvement in your sporting performance. Whatever your goal, we can help you achieve it.